Courtesy of Ali Fedotowsky
September 21, 2016 06:11 AM

Ali Fedotowsky has a dirty secret.

“My bathroom is just something else,” Fedotowsky tells PEOPLE of the most chaotic space in her home. “It’s become kind of a disaster zone in there.”

Her tendency to be a little messy with makeup might be why she and fiancé Kevin Manno prefer to use separate bathrooms. “He refuses to be in my bathroom,” she says laughing. But when it comes to their new daughter, Molly, both parents are in total agreement on their cleaning routine.

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“Every product I use now has to be safe for Molly or it’s now allowed in the front door of my house,” says Fedotowsky, who prefers Four Monks all-purpose cleaner for its natural, non-toxic ingredients.

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Usually, the 32-year-old former Bachelorette lets Manno handle most of the household chores, saying “I have not done the laundry since we got together over three years ago. I seriously hit the jackpot.” But now that she’s a new mom, she doesn’t mind cleaning up after her daughter, who was born in July.

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Although wiping down the changing station and Molly’s pacifiers are high on the list of to-dos, there’s one new-mom essential she also prefers to keep in pristine condition.

“I actually really like cleaning my breast pump,” Fedotowsky says. “That’s mom life for you!”

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