Plus see the fashion designer's bold booty-filled artwork

By Megan Stein
August 09, 2017 03:40 PM
Architectural Digest

Alexander Wang’s adult abode is as stylish as the fashion designer himself — no ifs, ands, or horse butts about it.

“This is my favorite piece and really gives you the first impression of the apartment and what you’re getting into,” Wang tells Architectural Digest of a black-and-white print of an equine backside that greets those who enter his New York City house.

Derrieres aside, Wang’s goal for his West Chelsea digs was to have a more refined feel. “It was time for a grown-up apartment that had a view, separate rooms, and a little outdoor space,” he says. “Something more cozy and intimate.”

Architectural Digest

After partnering with interior designer Ryan Korban on his last two residences, as well as retail stores and other business ventures, Wang knew he could trust Korban with this project, but not because they always agree.

“There is always that back-and-forth with Alex and me because we know each other so well,” Korban says. “Sometimes you have to stop and think, are we pushing just for the sake of pushing, or can we make a decision?”

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Architectural Digest

Korban may have lost a few lost battles (Wang swiftly shot down his designer’s suggestion to forego his signature black aesthetic) but both came out on top, making compromises that resulted in a sleek yet livable retreat.

“There’s a little of everything here,” Korban says. “It’s neither retro nor wholly modern — and certainly not traditional.”

As for Wang’s thoughts on the polished finished product: “I’m doing a lot more grown-up entertaining these days,” he says. “And this place makes that possible. I find myself at Whisk and Williams-Sonoma more than I’ve ever shopped at a kitchen store in my life.”

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