Al Roker Shares His Favorite Father's Day Gifts — Like a Weatherman-Approved Umbrella!

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Al Roker

Al Roker and his kids
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"I'll be spending this Father's Day pretty much like I've spent the past 12 weeks— with my family, making dinner," says the Today cohost. "But it's a lot more special now because I think we all feel closer—even as the kids grow up. My daughter Courtney [33] just got engaged, Leila [21] lives in Paris, and my son Nick [17] can slap away any shot when we play basketball." (Al, his wife Deborah Roberts, and kids Leila and Nick are pictured here.)

See his Father's Day picks!

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Retro Bookends


"Vinyl is back, baby. And so are books. Why not combine the two comeback kids of analog by using these vintage 45s to keep your bookshelf looking sharp!"

Buy It! Vintage Recycled 45RPM Vinyl Record Bookends, $44;

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Weatherman's Best Friend


"Into each life a little rain must fall. Curse you, weatherman! When the skies open up, look classy while dodging those raindrops."

Buy It! Sky umbrella, $55;

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Double Duty Tech

phone sanitizer and charger

"My mantra is ABC: Always be charging, and always be clean. This bad boy combines both."

Buy It! Lexon Oblio UV sanitizing wireless charging station, $80;

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A Cold One That Stays Cold


"Is there anything worse than a warm drink that's supposed to be frosty? These babies keep it ice cold."

Buy It! Host Frozen Pint Glass, $20;

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A Gift That Gives Back: Help a Family to Fish

fishing donation

"If your dad likes to fish, how about a way to also aid another father to fish and feed his family? If you give a man a fish . . . you know the rest," says Roker. Just $75 sets up a family in need with nets, lines, training and all the essentials.

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Groovy Socks

beatles happy socks

"The Fab Four can be near you at all times. And let's face it: One of their best albums was Rubber Sole."

Buy It! The Beatles Socks Box Set (3 pairs), $48;

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Memories at the Ready

kodak mini 2 plus

"C'mon, get those photos off your phone, dude. With this little baby, you have no excuse."

Buy It! Kodak Mini 2 Instant Photo Printer, $100;

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Colorful Kicks


"I love wearing these sneakers. They are so comfortable, and they look kinda cool without looking like you're trying to be cool."

Buy It! Tree Runners, $95;

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Grilling Tools

grill tools

"Half of being a good grill guy is exuding confidence. With these tools at the ready, you will project know-how out the wazoo."

Buy It! Deluxe 20-piece grill set, $60;

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