Some of the bags were reportedly labeled 'fragile,' and can be seen getting thrown around


If you’ve ever wondered how your luggage gets treated when it’s out of your possession at an airport, you may be disappointed in a group of baggage handlers who were caught on camera in this viral video.

The video, captured by Marcela Solis Walker (@marcelasolisw) via ViralHog on a Cathay Pacific flight, shows a group of employees aggressively throwing suitcases and boxes onto luggage carts at Hong Kong International Airport. In one instance, one of the handlers flings a suitcase so hard it hits the back of the cart’s wall and falls down.

Walker told ViralHog in a statement that she was traveling from Xiamen to Hong Kong and when she landed, she saw the workers handling the luggage. “I was surprised to see how bags labeled ‘fragile’ were treated,” she said. “I don’t want to create any trouble for the workers, I just want to make awareness of the situation.”

She also told the viral video platform that Hong Kong Airport Services apologized for the incident and provided a statement which read, “The company is aware of the footage and has taken it up with the outsourced supplier involved. HAS takes the handling of passengers’ property seriously and we expect the same commitment from all of our suppliers. We sincerely apologize to the passengers of our customer airlines in this particular incident. We have since reminded our own employees and our suppliers again about the proper handling procedures.”

A spokesperson for the Airport Authority Hong Kong tells PEOPLE in a statement, “Airport Authority (AA) [has] concerns about this case and has contacted the related baggage delivery service contractor immediately for more details. The baggage delivery in Hong Kong International Airport is provided by the service contractors which are employed by the airlines. The AA has reminded the concerned contractor of the proper procedure on baggage handling, and reinforce the service guidelines to its staff and monitor the service standard.”

Cathay Pacific did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.