See How Adrienne Bailon Houghton Transformed Her Home Into a Pastel Wonderland for Christmas

The Real cohost decorated her whole house with affordable finds — like a $10 mother of pearl star!

Adrienne Bailon holidays
Photo: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

When it comes to holiday decorating, few Christmas enthusiasts match up to Adrienne Bailon Hougton.

The Real cohost and self-proclaimed “Latina Martha Stewart” chatted with PEOPLE about how she created her very own winter wonderland at home using non-traditional colors.

“I don’t love going with the classic red and green,” says Bailon Hougton, 36, who teamed up with HomeGoods to deck her halls. “I knew that I wanted something sparkly and fun.”

The former Cheetah Girls singer brought to life her unique own Christmas style by stocking up on finds like ornaments and tree toppers to complement her shimmery pastel look, which isn’t too far off from her equally over-the-top, blush-themed decor from last year.

“I found a rose gold Christmas tree, which I didn’t even know existed, for $150!” she says. “I was like, ‘Yes, definitely going to need to start working around this.'”

Adrienne Bailon holidays
Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

“I think it’s about finding one decorative piece that helps you get inspired for the rest of it,” she advises those hoping to emulate her elegant take on the holidays. “Each room has a different focal point. The possibilities are endless in HomeGoods.”

She used color as her inspiration this season, choosing a different hue for each room — but the Christmas lights stayed white.

“My mom and dad would put the Christmas lights on the tree [when I was younger] and I may have been scarred by the colorful lights, which is why I go all white now,” she jokes.

Adrienne Bailon holidays
Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

“My living room ended up becoming a baby blue winter wonderland, my dining room area ended up becoming a mint green and sage situation, and then we went blush for the guest bedroom,” she tells PEOPLE.

A mother of pearl star — a $10 find — that Bailon Houghton used as decoration on her mantlepiece led to more creative choices in her dining room.

“That’s where I got the idea to use ceramic and glass tabletop trees,” she says.

Although, she admits, “I went a little bit overboard with the Christmas trees. I found so many good ones that I think right now I’ve got four or five around the house, which I absolutely love.”

Adrienne Bailon holidays
Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

When it came to her guest bedroom, a small piece of furniture made for a warm, comforting theme.

“I got this super cute, little blush ottoman,” she says. “I’m obsessed with it, and everything in that room ended up becoming blush and rose gold.”

Once the scene is set with her decorations, the star likes to get holiday guests in the spirit with their own personal touches.

“There’s nothing cuter than having signature cocktails for whatever you theme is with a little cute name — love that,” she shares. “And you definitely want to set a vibe, so whether that’s candles or music, you want to set the ambiance in the room.”

Nothing beats Christmas tunes for the former Disney star, who is married to Christian singer Israel Houghton, 48.

“Listening to Christmas music while decorating is the best,” she says. “Obviously I was listening to the classic Mariah Carey when I was decorating, but also the Temptations album and A Motown Christmas, which is phenomenal.”

Adrienne Bailon holidays
Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

Despite her dedication to decor, her favorite part of the holidays is a little simpler.

“Being with family,” she says. “I feel like I made my mom so proud this year with my decorations. So much of my family comes from out of town to stay with us here in our house. It just makes them feel so special to see that I’ve decorated and I want it to be an experience for them.”

Just don’t expect her to take down her carefully curated decorations after December.

“Absolutely not!” she says. “I’m Latina, so we celebrate Three Kings Day on January 6. I believe the decorations should come down right before Valentine’s Day,” she jokes.

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