Adrienne Bailon Transforms her Bel-Air Home into a 'Blush Winter Wonderland' for Christmas

The cohost of The Real and Cheetah Girls alum shares how she DIYs fabulous holiday decor to match her "Parisian-chic" newlywed home

Adrienne Bailon Houghton is a Christmas queen!

The co-host of The Real shared how she decks the halls of her and her husband, songwriter Israel Houghton’s Bel Air home on her YouTube series All Things Adrienne on the Kin Network.

“You don’t have to be freakin Martha Stewart to make this happen,” she promises of her decor scheme. “If I can do it, you can do it.”

The everyday decor in their Southern California home was inspired by the couple’s 2016 wedding in France, and didn’t exactly match with traditional red-and-green holiday items. Instead, the former Cheetah Girls star explains, she created a “blush winter wonderland” to complement her home’s “Parisian-chic” style. “You guys know how I love a theme,” she admits.

“Guys, it’s 2018, Christmas colors don’t just have to be red and green. You can do whatever your little heart desires,” she says.

For the holidays, she made her fireplace the focal point, outfitting it with affordable decor, including a “Peace” sign from HomeGoods, sprigs of faux greenery picked up at Michaels and a variety of metallic ornaments.

She’s also got an affordable source for another holiday must-have: “I’m in love with IKEA candles. They are affordable, they actually melt straight down and don’t make a mess, and you can buy them in bulk!”

For those without a hearth at home, Houghton recommends a faux option. “If you ever look on my Instagram, I have one in my dressing room at The Real, which I’m obsessed with. It looks like real fire and get this, it’s actually a heater as well,” she she says. You can also create a similar set-up on a window sill or bookshelf.

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She carries her beloved theme, rendered in gold, rose gold and silver, onto her Christmas tree and even the gift wrap on the presents nestledbelow.

In addition to using paper that feels personal — her preferred wrapping is pink with an eyelash motif — she says, “I use the same ornaments that I use to decorate [my tree] and add them to my gift wrapping. It literally looks like jewelry hanging off your gift!” she advices.

On the table, the centerpiece is also a clever hack for anyone that’s intimidated by decorating. “The center of my table was something as simple as a clear glass popcorn bowl. We filled it up with these ornaments. We got them at TJ Maxx.”

Her biggest pieces of advice: trust your eye and keep it cohesive.

“I love the holidays,” she says, “but it can go tacky so quickly. It can look so cheesy. That’s what I love about this. It still looks super chic. It still looks fly. But it’s not just tinsel thrown everywhere.”

Watch the full episode above and check out Kin Network on YouTube for more holiday ideas from celebs.

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