A Hallmark Channel Edition of Monopoly Exists — and It's as Perfectly Sappy as You'd Hope

Adaptable to any season, the special edition comes out Friday

Hallmark Channel Monopoly

Hallmark Channel fans are going to fall in love with this game like it’s an unexpectedly charming hometown hunk that they never noticed until they moved back from the big city with a broken heart.

The TV network beloved for its heartwarming movies and shows is providing loyal viewers with a partnership they never knew they needed: a new special edition of Hallmark Channel Monopoly. The board game, on sale now, reimagines the classic, blending the network’s go-to wholesomeness — and even a few tropes — with the traditional aspects of the game’s mechanics.

The new game pieces will take the form of items regularly found in their signature programming, including a dog, a pair of ice skates, an ice cream cone, a watering can, an engagement ring and a Christmas tree.

The all-new real estate also matches the branded revamp, with “inns” and “cottages” standing in for houses and hotels. Swapped in for properties along the edges of the game board are locations like “Glamping Getaway,” “Honeymoon Hideaway,” “Pumpkin Patch” and “Summer House.” There’s even a When Calls the Heart railroad.

Other new locations include a farmers market, puppy shelter, lake house and a Christmas tree farm.

Hallmark Channel Monopoly
Hallmark Channel Monopoly. Hallmark

Not everything from the original Monopoly got the boot, however. There is still an in-game possibility of going directly to jail — but one can assume a Hallmark-ified stay behind bars wouldn’t be so bad.

Hallmark Channel Monopoly
Hallmark Channel Monopoly. Hallmark

Monopoly has experienced quite a few themed makeovers since it debuted in 1935. In past years, there have been special editions tied to the U.S. national parks, Disney theme parks, Game of Thrones and even a Millennial-targeted edition that attracted some negative feedback upon its release a year ago.

Most recently Hasbro released Ms. Monopoly, which replaces the traditional male character with a female investor, who, rather than buying up real estate, is set on empowering her fellow woman entrepreneurs.

Retailing for $39.99, the Hallmark edition bears the tagline, “Celebrate all year long!” promising fans can continue their love for the network’s annual Christmas content well past the holiday season.

The Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game is available now on hallmark.com.

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