These are the backyard status symbols of 2018

By Mackenzie Schmidt
March 12, 2018 03:44 PM

Swim away, swan! Summer 2018 already has it’s must-have pool float.

Sam’s Club is selling an absolutely massive blow-up raft that dwarfs the viral swan of years past. At 10 feet long, it holds six adults and has a built-in cooler. The inflatable, available in flamingo, peacock and unicorn styles, is so popular in fact, that it’s already sold out . . . in March.

But fear not! There are plenty of other similarly ridiculous summer finds to buy at the warehouse store right now. Here, a few that are sure to impress your pool party guests:

Inflatable Toucan

We’ve seen swans and flamingos aplenty. Switch it up this summer with a smiley and colorful Toucan.

Buy it!: Giant Toucan Pool Float, $25

Credit: Sam's Club

Floating Island

If you’re not tied to the bird theme, this blow-up “island” holds “a crowd,” according to the Sam’s Club site.

Buy it!: Tahiti Island with Cooler, $140

Credit: Sam's Club

Paddle Pontoon Boat

Head out on the lake or sit pretty in the middle of the pool with this 9-foot pontoon boat, complete with lots of storage for fish (or snacks!) and, yes, insulated drink holders.

Buy it!: Colorado Pontoon boat, $499

Credit: Sam's Club

Backyard Water Park

No pool? No problem. Create a fabulous waterpark in your yard. This puncture-resistant setup features two slides and two water canons.

Buy it!: Twin Peaks Splash and Slide by Sportspower, $349

Credit: Sam's Club

Frozen Drinks on Tap

And because you need something to put in all those built-in cup holders, pick up this beach bar-worthy double drink dispenser. Now if only it came with floaties…