Love is in the Air! 1 in 50 People Will Find True Love on a Plane, Study Says

The study reveals that during the average flight, "two couples meet and fall in love."

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If you’ve ever thought you might find your significant other on an airplane, the chances might be higher than you’d think.

One in fifty passengers meet the love of their life on an airplane, according to a new study performed by international bank HSBC. The study conducted email interviews with 2,150 people from 141 countries about the potential of an aircraft meet-cute, with 43 people saying they had met “the one” up in the air.

The study—which is intended to give insight into the 11.9 million people who travel by air each day—reveals that during the average flight, “two couples meet and fall in love.” Additionally, 47 percent of air travelers admitted to sparking up a conversation with the stranger seated next to them at 30,000 feet, with 12 percent of travelers saying they have made a “lasting friendship” with their fellow passenger and 13 percent saying they have made a “strong business connection.”

Of course, not all passengers find their happily ever after, and being cooped up in an airplane with strangers definitely has plenty of annoyances for those not busy falling in love.

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HSBC surveyed additional 5,000 people from Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S. and the U.K. about their in-flight habits and pet peeves.

Sixty five percent of travelers said children who kick the back of their seat is the biggest annoyance, followed by 59 percent who voted for children who scream or cry.

Seeing other passengers be rude to a flight attendant came in at a significant 56 percent on the annoyance scale, followed by taking off smelly shoes (45 percent). Hogging the armrest and people being too drunk tied for fifth place with 44 percent.

It’s not just strangers that can cause trouble at 30,000 feet, however. The study found that if you’re traveling with people you know, you can expect to argue with your loved ones an average of 3.1 times during a single day of airline travel.

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