Zachary Levi Posts Shirtless Selfie After People Wonder if His 'Shazam' Muscles Are Fake

Zachary Levi, star of the superhero movie Shazam, posted a shirtless selfie after people questioned if his muscles are fake

His superhero suit may have some extra padding, but Zachary Levi’s muscles are the real deal.

The actor, 37, is currently filming the superhero movie Shazam, and shared a shirtless selfie to show off the results of all his hard work in the gym and kitchen.

“It’s like the old saying goes, ‘Hard work, over time, plus chicken & broccoli, minus carbs, divided by whey protein, in which ‘X’ represents the amount of supplements and ‘Y’ represents the sentiment of ‘WHY the hell am I doing this to myself?!,’ multiplied by shameless selfies whilst staring into nowhere…carryyy theee ooone…equals results,’ ” Levi joked on Instagram.

But the former Chuck star’s post comes after people questioned whether he had actually gained the massive muscles that pop out of his Shazam suit, as seen in photos from the set. A Men’s Health article jokingly took on the case, calling it “LeviGate 2018.”

While their investigative research was inconclusive, Levi has been putting in the work to build up a superhero physique. He said on Twitter that he’s “been in the gym five days a week for the last five months, and eaten pretty darn healthy/strictly but not so crazy that I’m not still enjoying life. The system works.”

Levi also shared more of the health advice he’s learned during his Shazam prep, including that he previously was not eating enough food to support his workouts.

“I struggled with that most of my life,” he tweeted. “The key, I found, was quite literally consuming mass quantities. You have to feed your muscles. You have to give your body the building material necessary to grow larger. You have to eat, even when you’re not hungry.”

But, Levi emphasized, that doesn’t mean eating anything you want.

“The biggest favor you can do for yourself is avoiding all processed foods. Sweet or savory. Doesn’t matter,” he said. “It’s all breaking down in your body as sugar, that is then stored as fat. But there’s a lot of tasty CLEAN food out there. Get into it.”

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