Members will be matched to the best program for their weight loss needs

By Julie Mazziotta
November 11, 2019 08:00 AM

WW, formerly Weight Watchers, is launching a revamp of their weight loss program that will instead offer three different plan options matched to individual members.

Under the new program, called myWW, members will take “an evidence-based personal assessment” about their food preferences, workouts and weight loss goals. WW will then suggest one of three plans — Blue, Green or Purple that will best fit their needs.

“We are always asking ourselves how we can innovate and give members a better way to lose weight that is sustainable and liveable,” WW President and CEO Mindy Grossman tells PEOPLE. “When it comes to losing weight, people are different. We took all of the science and all of our history and created the most customized program yet. What’s so exciting is there is something for everyone and no foods are off limits.”

The plans still use SmartPoints to sort and track what members eat throughout the day. Under the Green plan, members get the most SmartPoints and have over 100 ZeroPoint foods to choose from. The Blue plan is the same as WW Freestyle, which the company previously offered, and includes over 200 ZeroPoint foods and a smaller amount of SmartPoints, while the Purple plan has the largest amount of ZeroPoint foods — over 300 — and a more limited amount of SmartPoints.

“We are a science-based company and the science is clear — people do better when they are on a plan that is matched to them,” says Gary Foster, chief science officer at WW. “They are more engaged and more likely to make behavior changes.”

Weight Watchers

Foster adds, though, that members do not have to stick to the plan they are matched to, and can choose a different program.

The idea behind the revamp is to offer members more options and flexibility.

“The new myWW program is the most flexible and liveable program we’ve ever offered,” Grossman says. “Simply put, if you’re on a plan that fits your needs, your weight and wellness journey is easier. This customized program is sustainable both for weight loss and beyond.”