The hilarious hashtag #CompareYourselfToCheesecake2016 popped up after one man compared a girl and her prom dress to a slice of cheesecake

Credit: Source: Ogechi/Twitter

Who knew body shaming could look so delicious?

After a male Twitter user posted a photo of a girl in a white dress with red beading next to a stock photo of strawberry-swirled cheesecake, other users called him out for body shaming, and encouraged women to post photos of themselves next to cheesecake with the hashtag #CompareYourselftoCheesecake2016.

It kicked off a hilarious (and hunger-inducing) Twitter flurry, with dozens of women sharing their best cheesecake doppelgangers.

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“This a——- compared a girl to a cheesecake so now we’re all comparing ourselves to cheesecake,” tweeted one woman, @spokenELLE, who picked purple-colored blueberry cheesecake as her match. “join us”

The original user said it wasn’t his intention to body shame anyone, explaining, “all I did, was put her next to a cheesecake. Cheesecake looks sexy as f—, and her dress looked like a cheesecake, so her dress was sexy as f— too.”

But that didn’t stop the hashtag from taking Twitter by storm.

@spokenELLE called the hashtag a complete success.

“In conclusion, this was much deeper than cheesecake lmao and that young women is absolutely beautiful.”