Tiffany Barker has been living in Houston with her boyfriend as she tries to lose weight, but they no longer can afford their apartment

Tiffany Barker had made significant progress in her weight loss goals. After hitting 672 lbs., she moved to Houston to lose weight and was able to get gastric bypass surgery. She's now down 264 lbs. and hoping to get her excess skin removed. But she's losing the support of her boyfriend, and the couple are running out of money as she tries to make her weight loss work.

In this exclusive clip from Wednesday's episode of My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now, Barker, 31, and her boyfriend Aaron Cornado are moving out of their apartment to save money, but haven't yet found a new place to live.

"Time is up for me and Aaron," she says. "Our lease date is up and we have to be out of our place today, but we still don't have a place to go, so we put most of our stuff in a storage unit … And then we're just going to have to stay in a hotel until we figure something more permanent out."

Cornado is hoping to convince Barker to move to California, where they can stay with his parents and save money, but she's worried that leaving Houston — where she's been working with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to lose weight — will make it impossible to keep going.

"I feel like if we did that there's a good chance it would be a while before we came back, so that's not an option for me, because I want to keep going to Dr. Now's program," she says. "So [Aaron] agreed that I could have a little more time to help us find a place, at least until we can't afford to stay in a hotel anymore."

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Tiffany Barker and Aaron Cornado at the start of her weight loss journey
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And Barker is already concerned about the valuable time she's losing as they spend days packing up their apartment and moving out.

"This has been such a stressful time for me," she says. "With everything going on I know I haven't made the best choices with my meals and exercising, because I just haven't had any time to do that. And there's not real time to do a workout aside from packing. And I'm frustrated about all of that."

And as they drive away from the apartment, Barker says she feels like her "heart just dropped into my stomach" because "it's getting real that we are now officially homeless."

Barker says that her goal is to get a new apartment in the next week and "get this all behind me."

"Because this is going to keep being a distraction for me until we do, and for as long as we have to be in a hotel, I'm not going to be able to make my meals like I need, or do any working out," she says. "So I feel like everything's at a standstill for me, and it's all outside of my control. And it's just really frustrating."

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