Lauren Palette lost 237 lbs. through diet and exercise, but her excess skin has her feeling "shame and disgust"

By Julie Mazziotta
April 04, 2018 04:09 PM

Lauren Palette hated how she felt at 402 lbs., but even after losing more than half her size, she still feels “shame and disgust” because of her excess skin.

The 38-year-old says she was “surprised” by how much loose skin she had after naturally losing weight through diet and exercise.

“Because of the skin I don’t feel normal,” she says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of Skin Tight on TLC. “The challenges with my excess skin are emotionally weighing on me more than the skin does. It brings me right back to that place of shame and disgust.”

Palette says that her weight gain started in middle school.

“I would go and get take out and eat it every night,” she says. “And I really liked my junk food. I’d order a pizza and say I was taking it home for my family but I would be taking it home for me. There was never enough. I could never fill my hunger.”

By age 24, she weighed 380 lbs., and had to buy an extra seat for a flight to Mexico.

“I was so upset and distraught over how I looked and what I was missing out on, that I would just go to the food more and more and more,” Palette says.

Lauren Palette
| Credit: TLC

Still, she didn’t make a change for good until her weight was up to 402 lbs.

“One day I woke up and I couldn’t walk. I ended up having a major back surgery, and a doctor told me my back injury was a result of my weight. So I woke up on the hospital bed with the fear that I could die at any minute,” she says. “I felt like, if I don’t take my life back now, it’ll never happen. So I made the decision to get healthy, to get this weight off.”

Palette quit binge eating and now follows a “strict” diet plan. She also does Pilates three times a week, and walks for 45 minutes a day. But she’s frustrated that she has excess skin, even after all her hard work.

“I lost a total of 237 lbs. with diet and exercise in three years. Now I weigh in at 165. But I was very surprised at the amount of skin I have,” she says. “I get rashes from all the extra skin in my thighs rubbing together no matter what I do, and there’s no way to hide this.”

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