Michelle Fragoso simply wanted to reduce the appearance of her double chin, but her doctor botched the surgery leaving her with major scar

Like many women, Michelle Fragoso was insecure about her double chin. She opted for plastic surgery, but instead of a fix, she ended up with major scarring — and discovered her doctor was less-than reputable.

The 47-year-old is now hoping that the Botched doctors can reduce the scarring, and fix the doctor’s mistakes.

“I went in to the doctor, and he looked at my chin area and there was a double chin and some loose skin, so he said that I should put in an implant, and I should get some liposuction around my face,” Fragoso recalls to Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow in this exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode.

Fragoso says the doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon, so she went ahead with the procedure.

“Two days after he took the bandage off to see, and immediately there was a little lump here [on the right side of her chin]. And then there was a ball here [on the left side], and he said that was scar tissue and this was, he wasn’t sure what this was,” she says.

Michelle Fragoso

Dubrow says it isn’t possible to have scar tissue just two days later.

“Scar tissue does not form that quickly after surgery,” he says. “If Michelle had a wound problem, it was because the surgical procedure reduced the blood supply to the overlying soft tissue and caused the tissue to die.”

In an attempt to take out the “scar tissue,” Fragoso’s doctor then cut it out from the outside of her face, leaving an even bigger scar.

“This was the wrong procedure, the wrong approach, the wrong everything, to do to Michelle,” Nassif says. “You don’t put scars in the outside of the face.”

But the story gets worse from there.

“That’s not the worst part,” Fragoso says. “On my last post-op, my appointment was really early in the morning, and I was waiting in the parking lot in the back, and there’s this mini-van that pulls up right next to me. This guy opens the door, falls out, crawls over, and starts pulling on my door handle, and I noticed that it’s my doctor!”

“Your doctor’s a drug addict,” Dubrow says.

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Fragoso continued, “I rolled the window down, and was like, ‘Um, do you need something?’ and he said ‘Let me in.’ And I said, ‘Uhh…’ and he said, ‘Just come inside, just come inside.’ He doesn’t have shoes on, his hair is a mess, and we get in the facility, and he said, ‘Help me get one of my white jackets.’ “

“There’s no one in his office to help him? Just the two of you alone?” Nassif asks.

“Just the two of us, but then the staff started coming in,” Fragoso says. “He said, ‘Never speak a word of this,’ and I said, ‘Okay.’ “

Dubrow thinks that the doctor took advantage of Fragoso’s trust.

“The doctor-patient relationship is one of the most sacred relationships in any profession,” he says. “When a doctor tells you, ‘Don’t tell this to anybody,’ you understand because of the basic power structure between the doctor and the patient why Michelle didn’t run out the door, screaming.”

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