Woman 41-Weeks Pregnant Tries to Induce Labor by Vigorously Bouncing on Exercise Ball

Victoria Weller posted a video of herself dancing to Tinie Tempeh while heavily pregnant

Photo: Source: Victoria Weller/YouTube

Well that’s one use for an exercise ball!

A U.K. woman tried a less-than-conventional way to induce labor at 41½-weeks pregnant – Victoria Weller bounced up and down on a stability ball while dancing to Tinie Tempah and Katy B’s “Turn the Music Louder” in hopes of coaxing her baby out.

“Overdue baby, trying to get it to arrive at 41.5 weeks,” she posted along with her video – which now has over 11,000 views on Facebook – on Feb. 1. “Having some fun dancing on a ball to my fave music.”

In the video, Weller bounces on the ball and pumps her arms while her children cheer her on.

“Baby, come out!” she exclaims at the end of the clip.

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Weller’s method of inducing labor didn’t immediately work.

“6.8k Facebook views but still no baby,” she posted the next day.

However, by Feb. 3, Weller had given birth to her fourth child, a baby girl.

“Baby number 4 is a gift sent from above,” she posted on Facebook. “Jake, Tilly & Teddy are the sunshines of my life.”

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