Who Has the Sexiest Arms? Vote in People's Sexiest Man Alive Polls!

We need your help to pick which hottie has the sexiest arms: Drake, Jason Momoa, Sam Hunt or Stephen Curry

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Which set of arms would you prefer to have wrapped around you?

We need your help for the Sexiest Man Alive awards this year. You’ve already voted for Sexiest Chest and the Sexiest Abs — now we have the Sexiest Arms award.

Does the honor of dreamiest deltoids belong to Drake, the Canadian rapper who started from the bottom but now everybody wants him to be their boyfriend? Or should the title go to Jason Momoa, the man who looks like he could bench press his body weight and still be able to whisper sweet Dothraki nothings in your ear? And what about Sam Hunt, the country singer who makes us swoon every time he picks up a microphone and flexes those muscles? Or is the real winner Stephen Curry, whose beautiful biceps helped the Golden State Warriors win the NBA final this year?

Cast your vote by clicking on your favorite guy below.


To find out who won the Sexiest Arms category, pick up a copy of our Sexiest Man Alive issue on newstands Nov. 17.

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