My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore hits the gym with her dad and her trainer

Whitey Way Thore is back in the gym, and she brought along a buddy.

In a recent Instagram post, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star shared a video of her workout with her dad. The pair did six deadlifts together — and Thore made sure to push the pace against her pops.

“I drug Dad to the gym today and he tried to out-deadlift me but I was like nah,” Thore, 33, wrote. In the video, her trainer, Jessica Powell can be heard offering words of encouragement.

“Oh, you got that Whitney. Breathe. Breathe,” Powell, who posted a similar video of the pair, said.

The support seems to be paying off. A day after Thore posted the video with her dad, she once more took to Instagram to show off another session.

“I’m excited that I managed to jump out for the first time in like four years,” she captioned the video, in which she balances on a tire and does six plank jumps. And again, Thore gets praise from Powell — and ecstatically smiles at her accomplishment.

Fitness hasn’t always been a favorite for Thore. She used to work out regularly with a trainer, who helped her lose 100 lbs., but her visits eventually lapsed, and she regained the weight plus an additional 50 lbs. Thore got up the courage to ask him to train her again after a health scare put her in the hospital, but just a few months later, in July 2016, he fired her as a client for hiding food in her car.

“I’m shocked and it sucks to feel like someone who you really want to care about you can just give up on you,” Thore said at the time. “Like, he doesn’t believe in me anymore?”