The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life detailed all the beauty treatments she gets and said "it doesn’t mean I don't love myself"


Whitney Way Thore is over the "unsolicited opinions" about her looks.

The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, 37, hit a breaking point after getting tons of messages — both positive and negative — about her beauty choices and made it clear that she's not interested in other people's thoughts.

"Just a reminder that I don't (nor does any woman) need unsolicited opinions about her appearance on the internet or in life," Thore wrote in an Instagram post. "Y'all are so kind and complimentary to me all the time and I appreciate that, but I don't need anyone to tell me I look better without lip fillers. I'm obsessed with them— thank you, @sonadermatology!"

The reality star went on to detail all the treatments she regularly opts for because they make her feel "good."

"I also wear hair extensions and use @toppik hair fibers to cover bald spots on my scalp; I have my eyebrows microbladed; sometimes I wear ten pounds of makeup; I get manicures and pedicures and use skincare to diminish wrinkles. I've dyed my hair and even plucked the grey ones. I choose clothes that I feel make me look 'good,' " she wrote.

Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore
| Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

And Thore pointed out that this is her version of what makes her feel her best, which means it won't necessarily work for others.

"'Good' is completely subjective and relative and, most importantly, up to ME," she said. "Just because I do the aforementioned things, it doesn't mean I don't love myself and I would never dream of going to your Instagram accounts and accusing you of as much. I exist on television with zero makeup on 90% of the time and I am incredibly comfortable in my 'natural' state."

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In the post, which included a selfie, Thore said that she's not hiding how she looks.

"I constantly read comments about whether I've lost weight or gained weight or that I look 'different,' etc. and it's absolutely exhausting," she said. "I don't owe it to anyone, but here is an unfiltered picture. I have lip fillers and a lot of make up on! I haven't had any work done to my face, but if I do, I won't feel embarrassed to share it with you."

Thore recently shared that she's currently filming the ninth season of her TLC show which will premiere in August. The previous season, which aired last fall, was a difficult one for the dancer as it followed the end of her engagement after Thore learned that her fiancé, Chase Severino, was expecting a child with another woman.

As it aired, Severino was getting offensive messages on Instagram and Thore had to repeatedly tell her followers to back down. She told PEOPLE that it pains her to see him get harassed online.

"I don't want him to get that," she said. "People think they're doing that for me, and I just hate it. It's just negativity that nobody needs to see, honestly, and when I'm trying to move forward, it just literally makes it harder for me."

Thore has been able to get closure with their relationship, and has met Severino's daughter over FaceTime.

"It wasn't easy for me, but I can objectively feel happiness for him," she told PEOPLE. "And I think that means that I've healed a lot."