Whitney Way Thore tells her friend group that Buddy Bell is in rehab for his cocaine addiction

By Julie Mazziotta
February 06, 2018 09:57 AM

Whitney Way Thore has shocking news for her friend group — their pal Buddy Bell is in rehab for a cocaine addiction.

Thore gathers them together in this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, to tell them that he was doing cocaine recreationally for a few years at first, but recently started using it regularly.

“I can just hardly wrap my mind around it,” Thore’s friend Todd Beasley says. “Buddy just seems so even keeled to me, even though he had his anger outbursts. That’s just part of his personality. I did not see that coming.”

Thore explains to the group that Bell thought he could handle his problem on his own at first.

“He was saying like, oh I can do this by myself, and I mean,” Thore says, turning to her friend Tal Fish, “you’re in recovery — he was at that point…”

“Contemplation state of change,” Fish replies.

“Yeah, he knew that something was wrong…” Thore says. “…but you’re not really ready to do anything about it,” Fish finishes.

“I’m a person in long-term recovery myself, and I also work in the substance use field,” Fish explains. “In order to achieve and sustain recovery, you have to get help from other people. It’s not a battle that you can fight by yourself.”

The group then worries what Bell, a bartender, is going to do and if he’s going to resume his old life when he returns from rehab.

“I mean who’s to say he won’t pick right back up when he comes back here?” Fish says. “I’m a little concerned, honestly, if that’s his plan.”

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