Whitney Way Thore Confirms That She's Still Dating Her French Boyfriend: 'Correct!'

The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life spent time on Instagram correcting — and validating — fans' assumptions about her

Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore and her new boyfriend. Photo: Whitney Way Thore/instagram

A (super) long-distance relationship during a pandemic? It's no problem for Whitney Way Thore and her French boyfriend, who are still going strong after many months together, she confirmed.

The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life went on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday and asked for fans' assumptions about her life. Among the many questions Thore answered was if she is "still with" her French boyfriend, whom she met through online language tutoring and started dating last year.

Thore gave a quick "Correct!" in response.

Her boyfriend — who asked to remain anonymous and hasn't been shown in full on Thore's TLC show or her Instagram — lives in Paris, and she and her friends simply refer to him as the "Frenchman." Thore told PEOPLE last year that she's glad he made that choice, especially considering the vitriol that fans directed at her ex-fiancé Chase Severino following their dramatic breakup.

Whitney Way Thore Instagram
Whitney Way Thore. Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

"It wasn't my decision, it was his. But I think it was a good decision because I think I would have been very anxious," she said. "And I know that I didn't make Chase's decisions for him, but nobody deserves the kinds of things that he had to go through and the kind of things that people said to him. Nobody deserves that period. I don't want that part happening to anyone ever again."

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Along with questions about her love life, Thore's fans also asked about her body, and she was willing to answer. One follower made the assumption that she's "lost weight," which Thore clarified.

"I lost 70 lbs. 3 years ago," she said. "Been the same size ever since."

Another fan guessed that Thore is "afraid that if you were to lose a bunch of weight, you might lose your show as well" — which she quickly corrected.

"It's always so weird to me that people think this," Thore said. "There is nothing that people would watch MORE than a weight loss story."

And if any other fans were concerned that My Big Fat Fabulous Life had reached the end of its run, Thore corrected that too, after someone asked if she's "finished with MBFFL."

"Incorrect," she said, with a smiley face.

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