The Hills: New Beginnings star has learned tricks to managing her “lifetime” struggle with migraines

By Julie Mazziotta
October 07, 2019 08:58 AM

After a “lifetime” of migraines, Whitney Port has learned the best tricks for managing the pain, but she hates that it often makes her miss important moments with her son Sonny, 2.

The Hills: New Beginnings star, 34, says that she’s had headaches since she was a “little girl,” that developed over time in to frequent migraines.

“When they’re so bad, it just makes it feel like they’re so much more intense and such a big part of your life,” she tells PEOPLE.

In Port’s case, she gets sweaty palms and starts to feel dizzy, and then it feels like “someone is constantly smashing my temples with a hammer.” A really bad migraine will pop up every couple of weeks, but she also gets milder ones once a week or more.

“I feel like as I’ve gotten older and especially around stressful times they’ll get worse, because it’s like my body’s way of reacting to any kind of stress or anxiety,” she says. “The interesting thing is that when I was pregnant I didn’t get them, so I think it’s a little bit of a hormonal thing. And now they vary in strength, but they come all too often.”

Vivien Killilea/Getty

Port says it tough to describe her migraines to Sonny.

“It’s really, really hard, because he doesn’t understand what’s happening, and I just never want him to feel like he’s done anything for me to need to step away,” she says.

Whitney Port and Sonny
Whitney Port/Instagram

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But Port will take a moment to pop an Excedrin — she’s a spokesperson for the brand’s new “Take Two” campaign that offers migraine sufferers a chance to redo the moments they missed — and get her migraine under control.

“I ask Timmy [her husband] to step in so I can lay down and close my eyes and drink a couple glasses of water,” she says. “I’ll try to explain to Sonny as much as I can, that, ‘Mommy has a little boo-boo on top of her head and she needs to rest for a second.’ You do what you can.”

Port says that it bothers her that there’s “a lot of quality time that I’ve missed or not been able to enjoy because I’ve been hit with a migraine,” but she makes sure to take the time to “pull myself together.”

“You have to do what you have to do to get through it,” she says. “Even if I have to turn on the TV for Sonny to keep him busy. You’ve got to neutralize your kid so you can get yourself back on your feet.”