The doctors behind Paltrow's latest health launch, four curated vitamin packs called Goop Wellness, share details of the new supplements
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Gwyneth Paltrow Signs Copies Of "It's All Easy"
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She’s been giving health and nutrition advice for years in her books and on her website, and nowGwyneth Paltrow has taken her wellness role to a new level.

After hearing from a “focus group” of women in her life — colleagues, pals and readers of Goop — who said they felt as exhausted and stressed as Paltrow, she teamed up with four functional medicine doctors to launch Goop Wellness, a collection of four supplement packs, each aimed at a specific deficiency.

“At Goop we have access to really amazing doctors, professionals, researchers, and we always want to ask questions, push boundaries and encourage autonomy in health,” Paltrow tells PEOPLE. “So we thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could leverage these relationships that we have with our doctors who have helped us so much and bring that to everybody else?” Each vitamin pack is for sale now on Goop for $90 a month, or $240 for three months.

Supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so as with any changes to your health regimen, consult a professional first. “It’s always a good idea to run it past your doctor,” says Dr. Sara Gottfried, who developed the “High School Genes” pack. “And if you’re taking prescription medications, have your pharmacist run a database search to just make sure there are no harmful interactions.”

Here’s what the doctors claim the new supplements can do:

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“At 35, you gain fat at a rate of about 1 percent per year,” says Dr. Gottfried. “At 40, you lose muscle — about 5 lbs., and blood sugar starts to increase 10 points — per decade. These show up as slow metabolism, a thicker waist, and brain fog. Suddenly your high school jeans no longer fit.” The “aim of this particular formulation,” says the author of Younger, is to address the hormones responsible for these issues, including cortisol, estrogen, thyroid and insulin. Changing your diet can also help reset those hormones, so she suggests “giving up red meat, reducing caffeine, giving up sugar and sugar substitutes, cutting out grain because of the inflammation it causes and cutting out dairy and alcohol.”

What’s in it:

“The ingredient that I get really excited about is berberine,” she says. “It’s this herb that a lot of folks haven’t heard about, but it actually has so much evidence behind it. It corrects blood sugar when it’s out of whack, so it’s probably one of the best supplements for reversing a slow metabolism.” She adds that some studies have shown “it’s more effective than prescription treatments for lowering blood sugar.”

“The things that address the thyroid in particular are copper, zinc and selenium,” she says. “Those three are like the Charlie’s Angels for your thyroid.”

The supplement also includes B vitamins for energy, and Vitamin D for thyroid and sleep support. “A lot of people know about vitamin D for their bones and yet a lot of people don’t think about vitamin D for sleep,” she says. “What I like to talk about is that it changes about 4,000 genes in your body. It has a direct and indirect role in improving your deep sleep, and sleep is as close to a panacea as we have when it comes to weight loss.”

How long to see results:

Dr. Gottfried insists that this is “not something you need to be taking every day for the rest of your life,” especially if you are following the dietary guidelines mentioned above to reset your hormones and your thyroid. For her patients, she does a blood test before starting the regimen and again after six weeks to monitor the change. She says it may take six to eight weeks to really see the effect of the supplements on a scale.

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Intended for people who feel exhausted and overtaxed, “This whole formula is designed to help our body recharge the adrenals,” says Dr. Alejandro Junger, Paltrow’s long-time collaborator and best-selling author of Clean. In addition to taking the supplements, Junger says it is important to focus on getting more sleep and avoiding foods that affect sleep quality. Paltrow says she’s currently taking this supplement pack.

What’s in it:

A blend of plant nutrients “improves the cell’s ability to signal and promote healthy cell activity, plus provide many of the building blocks needed for the adrenals to manufacture their products, like adrenaline and noradrenaline,” says Dr. Junger. “The Omega fats in the formula are also needed for cell-optimization, and are a type of healthy fat that is missing from many people’s diets.”

“The star ingredients as far as adrenal recharging are the Ayurvedic herbs in this formula,” he says. “Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Bacopa have been used for thousands of years by Ayurvedic medicine doctors as adaptogens. They essentially help the body adapt to extreme circumstances, which is one of the main roles of the adrenal glands.”

How long to see results:

“I have been using this combination of supplements for a long time on many of my patients,” says Dr. Junger. “I have seen people feel better in just a few days. But the most common response is to begin noticing results after a week of taking the supplement and following the rest of the recommendations. For people who have been exhausted for longer, it may take up to a month.”

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This supplement pack, developed by Dr. Amy Meyers, the author of The Autoimmune Solution, was created to bolster overall wellness and help people juggle everyday stress and function optimally.

What’s in it:

“The ‘SuperPower Support’ supplement is the hero of this regimen,” says Dr. Myers. “It’s a blend of building blocks, including vitamin C and selenium, that boost the body’s glutathione production. Glutathione is the major antioxidant in our body; it’s crucial to the body’s natural detoxification process as it helps remove toxins, while also supporting other antioxidants, the health of our immune system, and our energy. When you are always on the go, you’re depleting your glutathione stores, which is where this supplement comes into play.”

A “unique broccoli extract” nicknamed the “Superpower Sidekick” by Dr. Myers, “complements the glutathione blend, and even potentiates its effect,” she says. “In order for your body to continue to make and recycle glutathione, it needs the building blocks in this sidekick. Typically, glutathione as a supplement is broken down by the gut and it does not get absorbed well — but the building blocks in these two supplements are more readily absorbed and efficiently used by the body.”

How long to see results:

“If you are making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, in addition to incorporating the supplement regimen, people can typically begin to feel a bit better after a week,” she says. “Certainly, after thirty days, I would expect one to have more energy, a clearer mind, feel less frazzled and more balanced.”

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Dr. Oscar Serrallach (author of the forthcoming book Mothermorphosis) developed this post-natal supplement pack that can be used as a pre-natal as well. “The desired results from taking this packet are to help with a number of symptoms seen in post-natal depletion,” he says. With this type of regimen, “I typically see recovering mothers have steady progressive improvements in emotional and physical resilience with less anxiety and a sense of calmness. It provides the foundation for improving sleep and increasing motivation while slowly increasing energy and also allowing better exercise tolerance.”

What’s in it:

The “anxiety and brain fog” that many new moms call “baby brain” are “partly attributable to low DHA,” says Serrallach, which he considers the “superhero” of the regimen. DHA is “a macronutrient — a nutrient the body requires relatively large amounts of,” he says. “It’s long-chain Omega-3 fatty acid that helps rebuild a depleted brain and soothe a stressed nervous system.” According to Serrallach, the iron in this supplement helps combat fatigue and poor exercise tolerance, while zinc aids the immune system.

Other elements of the supplement alleviate additional changes new moms might notice shortly after giving birth. “Low vitamin B12 contributes to poor concentration,” he says. “Low magnesium leads to a feeling of being stressed and having sleeping issues, muscle stiffness and cramps. Low choline contributes to irritability, poor motivation, and poor memory.”

It also contains magnesium, iodine, vitamin B9 and inositol, which Dr. Serrallach says “increase the effect” of the aforementioned nutrients.

How long to see results:

Serrallach reviews his clients every 6 weeks during their recovery program. For new moms, he believes the average time on this type of regimen is 6 months. For women taking this pack as a pre-natal supplement, “I would not expect much in the way of feeling better,” he says. “But it is an insurance or preventative strategy to make sure post-natal depletion doesn’t occur!”