Watch What Happens When a Man Screams at This Breastfeeding Mom on the London Tube

Surprisingly, they aren't as vicious as you might think


Given how people are constantly complaining, shaming and reporting women for breastfeeding in public places, it’s hard to imagine that the reaction to someone feeding their child on the London tube would be any different, right?

To answer that question, British YouTube channel Trollstation sent an actress holding a (presumably fake) baby on the Tube with a hidden cameraman in the next car over.

While highly disappointing, it’s not entirely surprising to see a man two seats down lashing out at her for over five minutes for trying to provide for her baby.

“Why should she be allowed to expose herself on the bloody train?” he screams. “I feel uncomfortable, you’re giving me stress!”

“My baby needs to eat! What do you want me to do?” she responds.

On the bright side, many of the train passengers immediately rush to her defense, yelling right back at the man.

“She has every right to do this,” one says. “You should move away,” says another.

The big reveal? The man is an actor too, and it’s all part of a social experiment to see how people would react.

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And it’s big points for humanity, with many trying to help the breastfeeding woman, not stop her.

Now if we could only spread that courtesy to the rest of the world.

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