WATCH: Fitness Expert Shaun T Says It's Best to 'Embrace the Struggle,' Whether It's Mental or Physical

Shaun T recommends holding a plie for a minute five times a day to learn to "embrace the struggle"

When you face a hurdle in life, it’s often easier to give up than push through it, but fitness expert Shaun T says it’s always best to “embrace the struggle.”

“Every day when we wake up and we go through life, there’s something that we have to struggle about, but you have to embrace the struggle and know that you’re strong enough to get through it,” he tells PEOPLE.

To teach yourself this mental lesson, Shaun T recommends doing a physical exercise to show yourself that you are stronger than you think you are.

Hold a plié squat for one minute,” he says. “Stay down there as long as you can, and if you need to take a break within that minute, just come up and go back down. Try to do this at least five times throughout the day.”

Shaun T says building up your physical strength will help you prepare for mental hurdles as well.

“You will know that the struggle is real, but more importantly, you’ll know that you can get through it.”

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