I Worked Out Like a Victoria's Secret Model (& Somehow Survived)

And it took under an hour to complete

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

While we’re quick to associate Victoria’s Secret models with lacy lingerie and washboard abs, it’s easy to dismiss the hard work that occurs behind-the-scenes. We’re treated to the occasional Instagram snapshot of leggy models in different Pilates poses or kickboxing stances – a stark contrast to the on-set and vacation selfies our feeds are normally flooded with. And for the most part, we’re quick to solely attribute their frames to extraordinary genetics.

But no – turns out, these models work really hard to achieve such enviable bodies. (Surprise, surprise but not really.)

I’ve been on a fitness kick since late January and have been trying my absolute hardest to make it to morning workout classes, which admittedly has become increasingly difficult because of two things: 1) Going to the same type of classes Monday through Friday starts feeling stale after the first three months, and 2) The new seasons of Shahs of Sunset and UnREAL interrupted my sleep cycle.

In an attempt to get excited about fitness again while simultaneously getting a taste of what VS models like Gigi Hadid and Lily Aldridge go through to score their svelte physiques, I chatted with Chase Weber, a celebrity trainer who created the 3-3-3 workout plan specifically for his model clients.

“It truly works all phases of training as it’s based upon strength power and stability,” he tells PEOPLE of his high intensity program, which Dev Windsor is a fan of. “It’s a great workout for you to do on a Monday morning or evening since it sets the tone for how you want your week to go.”

Since I head to the gym on weekdays and refuse to exercise at night (mostly because I’m tired and can’t find an empty locker at the gym at 6 p.m.), I went against Chase’s advice and tried out the 3-3-3 workout plan on a Saturday morning in my cluttered Queens, New York, bedroom.

As recommended with many exercise routines, Chase’s 3-3-3 workout calls for a half-mile jog to serve as warm up to immediately boost your heart rate. I slipped on my shoes, shorts and tank top, and geared up for a half-mile run around my neighborhood that I was half-dreading, half-hoping I’d slay – considering I had channeled Kim Kardashian West for a day and "ran" four miles that one time.

After logging about 0.8 miles (the music I was listening to got the best of me), I went back inside my house, eager to take on the rest of Chase’s killer routine, which you can find in its entirety at the end of this post.

At first glance, the workout doesn’t seem too bad. Each move seemed doable and they were. That’s the beauty of Chase’s program. The first round tricks you into thinking it’s kind of feasible until you’re less than halfway through the second round of moves. I was panting, groaning and taking mini breaks in between each session – all the while thinking I had underestimated Dev Windsor and the VS squad. They worked hard and I was finally acknowledging it.

The 3-3-3 workout made me realize how badly I still needed to focus on my arm and abdominal strength (thank you, planks!) and how I needed to invest in heavier weights. I own 7 pound dumbbells, which weren’t terrible, but I did find myself needing an extra bit of weight to really feel the burn – so I put on a resistance band above my knees during the squat portion to elevate the feel (or, you know, torture.) Oh, and one very, very important piece of advice for anyone looking to try out Chase’s 3-3-3 routine (or any HIIT workout): have an empowering Spotify playlist on hand. I don’t think I would have been able to complete the workout without the encouraging lyrics of Gwen Stefani, Destiny’s Child and the Spice Girls.


Start off with a half-mile jog or set the incline on your treadmill to 10 and walk to really to get your heart rate up.

-100 abs (toe touches 25, situps 25, supermans 25, bosu ball abs 25)

-Dumbbell Squat press 12
-Dumbbell incline press 10
-Mountain climber 20 seconds
-30 second jog

-Weighted squats 15
-Step back lunges with a curl (6 on each leg)
-Bent over row 10

-Lying hip thrust with a weighted tricep extension (Lay down on the ground, thrust your hips in the air and hold while doing 20 tricep extensions)
-Elbow plank to push up 12
-Plank hold 30 seconds

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