Victoria's Secret Models Share Their Best Booty-Toning Workouts

Adriana Lima, Iza Goulart, Caroline Trentini and Lais Ribeiro reveal how they shape up their backsides

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty

Victoria’s Secret models are known for their ability to look flawless in barely-there lingerie, so having a perfectly toned butt is a must.

So how exactly do Adriana Lima, Iza Goulart, Caroline Trentini and Lais Ribeiro attain their otherworldly booties? With hard work and exercise (and good genes).

“I really believe you just have to get off your butt in order to have a nice one!” Lima, 35, tells Vogue. “Getting a tight backside is really about squats, burpees and running. I also love walking as much as possible. You need a combination of moves to keep it lifted.”

Goulart, 31, also takes her fitness seriously in order to keep her butt firm.

“I dedicate an hour every day to my workouts, no matter what part of the world I’m in,” she told the fashion mag. “I would love to exercise with a trainer, but because of all the travel, it’s impossible to keep a routine, so I’ve learned how to train myself.”

The model keeps her workouts “as high intensity as possible while keeping them fun. I do power squats and butt-blaster lunges, plus I use my #BodyByIza resistance band. It just makes these basic exercises so much more effective!”

For Trentini, 29, getting in a total-body workout is an essential time-saver as a mom of two.

“I don’t have so much time to spend at the gym, so I’ve found a sport that mixes fighting and functional exercises, and it helps every part of my body,” she told Vogue. “We call it ‘functional fighting,’ and a regular class with my personal trainer takes 45 minutes to one hour to complete. It mixes boxing, jumping jacks, skipping and Muay Thai – the kicks especially help tone my butt.”

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If she doesn’t have time for a full session, Trentini goes for a 30-minute run to boost her metabolism.

Ribeiro, 25, mixes up several different workouts to achieve her sculpted butt.

“Pilates is definitely the best way to tone your backside,” she said. “Also squats, which are never fun to do, but are totally effective.”

The model stays active even when she can’t make it in to the gym.

“I walk a lot living in New York City, and that constant movement is great exercise for the butt and really the entire body,” said Ribiero.

She’s also a fan of dance cardio.

“I love working out with Simone De La Rue, who has a workout/dance training program called Body by Simone, and the trainer Nicole Winhoffer,” she said. “Both incorporate elements of dance and exercise, so you don’t even feel like you’re working out.”

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