Victoria's Secret Models Alessandra Ambrosio and Martha Hunt Stay in Shape with the Lagree Method

Alessandra Ambrosio, Martha Hunt and Karlie Kloss are all fans of the Lagree Method to get in shape

Alessandra Ambrosio
Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty

Victoria’s Secret models famously have some of the most envious bodies in the world, but training to hit the stage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — which airs Dec. 5 — can be an intense process.

For Alessandra Ambrosio, Martha Hunt and Karlie Kloss (who recently announced she won’t be walking this year), one way to stay in shape is by using the Lagree Method, which utilizes a high-tension Megaformer machine to provide a total-body workout.

“It’s a cardiovascular workout, it’s strength training, and it’s not going to bulk them up,” Sebastien Lagree — creator of the Lagree Method — tells people of why models swear by his workout. “It helps create that long, lean look.”

The Lagree Method provides lean muscle tone by keeping the muscles contracted for longer than most other workouts.

“When you keep a muscle contraction for over 60 seconds, it’s going to have that effect of really tightening and sculpting the muscle,” explains Lagree. “Usually you do it for a shorter time, but we do sets that are 60 to 120 seconds, and that’s how much time you keep the muscle tense. It’s very hard to do, so you’ll see people shaking and sweating. It definitely increases the heart rate, and that’s the magic.”

Because the Method is so intense, Lagree says the models only need to work out on the Megaformer three times a week for hour-long sessions to see results.

“That’s enough stimulation to get that look,” he says.

However, Lagree notes that a healthy diet is an essential component to getting in Victoria’s Secret model shape.

“You cannot out-train a bad diet,” he says. “You may have toned muscles but it won’t show because of the fat. When you want to get that lean, you need to have the proper workout so you’re not bulking, but you also need to incorporate the diet.”

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