'Vanderpump Rules' ' Scheana Shay Says She 'Hasn't Heard' of Ozempic: 'I Would Stick with Hydroxycut'

Scheana Shay, who’s been a spokesperson for controversial weight loss aid Hydroxycut, told PEOPLE she hasn’t heard of the recent trend of using type 2 diabetes medication Ozempic for weight loss

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay. Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Scheana Shay is joining the conversation surrounding Ozempic and weight loss.

While speaking to PEOPLE at the Vanderpump Rules' season 10 premiere event Tuesday, the 37-year-old admitted that she hasn't heard of Ozempic and how the drug has been misused for weight loss in Hollywood circles.

Ozempic is an FDA-approved prescription medication — taken by injection in the thigh, stomach or arm — used to help people with Type 2 diabetes. It's the brand name for semaglutide, which targets areas of the brain that regulate appetite, according to the FDA.

Ozempic — and other similar injections like Wegovy and Mounjaro — has recently been trending on social media and in Hollywood circles as some people have used it for weight loss, even when not medically necessary.

"I haven't heard of it," Shay tells PEOPLE. "I don't know, I would stick with Hydroxycut."

Hydroxycut is a family of dietary supplements that are marketed as an over-the-counter weight loss aid, despite limited research on its effectiveness.

In 2009, Iovate Health Sciences International — makers of Hydroxycut — recalled the product after the FDA reported cases of high blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart attack and stroke due to its key ingredient ephedra, a plant extract now banned in supplements in the United States.

Hydroxycut later returned to the market with different ingredients. However, according to Healthline, studies have still linked the weight loss aid to other health problems including caffeine overdoses, muscle damage, kidney failure, liver failure, and more.

In the past, Shay has been a spokesperson for Hydroxycut. Following the comment, her husband Brock Davies added that the couple simply keeps their health on track by staying active.

"Our secret is just walking around your house," he assured. "You know, get outside and walk. You want to lose some weight, watch what you eat and go outside."

man preparing Semaglutide Ozempic injection control blood sugar levels
Man preparing semaglutide Ozempic injection. Getty

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While the couple haven't discussed much about the recent Ozempic trend, their fellow Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent slammed people who are using the drug irresponsibly.

"Stop taking it for weight loss. Enough already," Kent tells PEOPLE. "I think that Hollywood is all sorts of f—ed up. We've got to do better."

The Vanderpump Rules star stressed that it's a bad trend that's happening and agreed that it can add pressure for those in the industry to aim for a certain body type.

"I think there's a lot of things that need to change and it starts with us and there are times where I roll my eyes and say, 'F—ing do better, all of us,'" she continued. "We all need to participate in becoming better examples for our children in the outside world."

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