The TV host drops 30 lbs. but still embraces "my booty, my boobs, my thighs"

The former Sports Illustrated cover girl is back in modeling shape – but not because she wants to retake the catwalk. Tyra Banks has regained control of her eating habits.

On The Tyra Show this Wednesday, the host reveals her longtime struggle with chronic stomachaches. “I would get major attacks,” Banks, 35, says. “I would be in bed for days, it was so painful.”

Thanks to the help of nutritionist Heather Bauer, Banks re-evaluated her eating habits by keeping a food diary. “I switched up my unhealthy eating habits for healthier eating habits, and I haven’t had a tummy attack since December ’08,” she says.

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Banks is now revealing how she lost almost 30 lbs. since her famous “Kiss My Fat Ass” incident in early 2007.

But don’t worry, Banks assures fans that she hasn’t turned her back on the curvy club. “I feel good about my curves and my imperfections – my booty, my boobs, my thighs – I embrace it all,” she says. “Now I really can say … kiss my fit – and still fat – ass.

Nutritionist Bauer suggest that to “get your shape in shape” like Banks, the first step is to keep a record of what you eat. “You have to write everything down,” she says, explaining that this will let you identify what foods make you feel good and which do not.

Add Banks: “It’s about working with what you’ve got, and knowing, and learning what’s right for your body.”