Transgender Model Carmen Carrera Opens Up About President Trump's Rollback Of Transgender Students' Rights

"I'd urge him to understand the people he's affecting," says transgender model Carmen Carrera

Transgender model Carmen Carrera is not mincing words about how she feels about President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to remove protections for transgender children.

Carrera, 31, told PEOPLE Now what exactly she would say to the President if given the chance to speak to him about rescinding the Obama administration’s guidelines on Title IX.

“I would say that I wanted to try my best to believe that he’d be here for us, and to understand what we’re going through, and I would just urge him to go through the facts, and to understand the people he’s affecting and how they’re being affected, to take a couple moments to really empathize with what we’re going through,” says the former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant.

“We’re going to definitely have to stick together,” she says. “We’re going to have to be strong. You can reach out to the Trevor Project, they have a hotline you can call if you’re feeling down, if you feel like you need something uplifting, you can go ahead and call and they can help you out. And just know that we’re here to fight for this. I mean, I’m trying to break ground myself in the industries I work in, and I’m doing it for the trans youth across the globe, really.”

The model also offered her advice and support to any transgender youth who may be struggling.

“My best advice is to stay strong, and know that you have support, and know that we’re fighting this battle together, and know that it will get better, even though it feels like it’s going to get worse,” she says. “We’re here for you, and we support you.”

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