The mom of three admitted that she sometimes gets “discouraged” about regaining her fitness but tries to enjoy "this sweet life of mine"

By Julie Mazziotta
November 14, 2019 05:11 PM
Credit: Emily Breeze/Instagram

Trainer Emily Breeze Watson is making “slow and steady” progress as she works to regain her fitness after giving birth to her third child — but she admitted that she frequently gets “discouraged.”

The influencer, 35, gave birth to daughter Williana, on Sept. 16 and started working out four weeks later, as soon as she was cleared by her doctor. Now, two months after giving birth, Watson is sharing photos of how her body looks compared to one-week postpartum.

“We made it to two months. Day by day, I don’t see big changes. It’s a slow and steady grind,” she wrote on Instagram. “I get frustrated in the process because it just freaking takes time. And patience is hard.”

Watson, who is also mom to 3-year-old son Bly and 18-month-old daughter Merci, said she tries to focus on how her body was able to carry three healthy kids in three years.

“When I get discouraged (which I do!) I try to focus on how I feel and how amazed I am at what my body has accomplished and how my kiddos are growing each and every week,” she said. “I’m not a scale person and only get weighed at the doctor, and I’m not into fad diets and strict meal plans. I’m all about flexibility and enjoying this sweet life of mine every day.”

Watson pushed her followers to adopt the same upbeat attitude.

“No matter where you are today, I encourage you to embrace it with me and let’s all build each other up!” she said.

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Watson is two-time CrossFit Games athlete, and her postpartum workouts have incorporated many of the weightlifting and cardio movements common to a CrossFit class. One workout from Nov. 5 included sumo deadlift high pulls, jumping squats and burpees.

Another workout included tricep dips, lunges and step ups in her backyard, all while holding newborn Williana — and Bly and Merci even joined in.

“The *gym* is wherever you are 🙌🏼 find a chair, bench, curb, sofa, or tree stump and play with this,” Watson told her followers.