Trainer Anna Victoria Is Pregnant After Years of Infertility: 'It Still Doesn't Seem Real!'

The influencer admitted that she's still "worried" about the pregnancy but hopes that she'll "get to the excited phase" now

Anna Victoria
Anna Victoria. Photo: Bre Thurston

Trainer Anna Victoria is pregnant — and she “can’t believe this is finally real!”

The fitness influencer, 31, dealt with years of infertility problems that she openly documented on social media, but now, after a round of IVF, she and her husband Luca Ferretti are expecting their first child in August.

“My best kept secret… Baby Ferretti due August 2020!!! ??? #pregnant #stillinshock #isthisreallife,” Victoria shared on Instagram on Tuesday, along with photos shot by photographer Bre Thurston.

She explained the next day, after getting questions from her followers, that she was able to get pregnant through IVF. Victoria had previously documented her egg retrieval process back in September.

“We did the transfer back in November and didn’t tell anyone ?? and to my complete shock, it worked!!!” she said in another post. “I was so prepared to get yet another negative test.”

Victoria also said that they were given the chance to choose the baby’s sex during the IVF process, but “chose to transfer the ‘best’ embryo, regardless of gender.” And they decided to continue to wait to find out — for now.

“I truly, truly am in no rush to know. It will make no difference to me,” she said. “Luca on the other hand ?… he is itching to find out but we will likely wait until March.”

Victoria admitted on her Instagram Story that after their extensive struggles with infertility, she is still nervous about the pregnancy.

“It still doesn’t seem real!” she said. “It hasn’t felt real, this entire time. The only time it felt real is when I’m doing ultrasounds. It’s been a little hard to really enjoy it because I’ve been just constantly been worried that it’s not going to continue, but I feel like announcing it is going to make it even more real. And I’m hoping to start to get to the excited phase, I think this is just a byproduct of infertility and struggling.”

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Plus, Victoria said, the first three months have been tough.

“I’m 12 weeks 5 days today, and my due date is August 7th. And the first trimester has NOT been easy,” she said. “I’ve actually been on light bedrest this entire time, so I have not been working out with the exception of a few sessions when I was temporarily cleared, then put back on bedrest again. But I just got cleared again on Monday!!”

And, she added, she’s just thrilled to be pregnant: “I’d go through it all again!!”

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