"It's much better to go for a long and powerful walk than it is to go for a short run," Tracy Anderson tells PEOPLE
Credit: Smallz & Raskind

Good news for everyone who hates running – walking is also an effective way to get your cardio in.

“I always approve walking as a really great cardiovascular workout to do,” fitness expert Tracy Anderson, who has trained Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, tells PEOPLE. “It’s something that people think is for the aging crowd or that it’s not really aggressive enough, and I completely disagree with that. It’s a really responsible form of exercise.”

Anderson says she personally prefers walking to running.

“One of the great things about walking is that it’s something that almost everybody can do,” she says. “It’s something that is very healthy because it doesn’t have harsh impact on your joints. And even though you are doing the same movement over and over, you can change your speed, you can change your stride, you can change all different things to keep yourself engaged.”

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The Tracy Anderson Method creator – who will be hosting Dress for Success‘ sixth annual Los Angeles Power Walk on September 24 – explains that walking can actually burn more calories than running if done properly.

“You burn less calories running than walking if you aren’t able to run for very long or run very well,” says Anderson. “To really be effective and calorie-burning, you have to be able to work your body to where it’s working up a sweat, where it’s pushing into that zone of actually being optimized to be effective in the calorie-burning range, so it’s much better to go for a long and powerful walk than it is to go for a short run.”

To get the most out of your walking workout, incorporate music.

“If you walk for exercise, put on your headphones, put on a good playlist, because you do become more internally charged to music,” says Anderson.