Todd and Julie Chrisley Have Lost a Combined 48 Lbs. Together: 'Back in Fighting Shape!'

The husband-and-wife stars of Chrisley Knows Best decided to tackling losing weight together using Nutrisystem's Partner Plan

Todd and Julie Chrisley now know the Best way for them to lose weight — together!

The husband-and-wife stars of Chrisley Knows Best have lost a combined 48 lbs. after deciding to tackle Nutrisystem's Partner Plan as ambassadors for the program.

Todd, 52, said that his desire to lose weight all started after getting COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic.

"I am proud to say I've always maintained the same weight I was in high school. But after having COVID back in March 2020, it was like my metabolism just came to a screeching halt," he tells PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, Julie, 49, had started using Nutrisystem years ago after going through cancer treatments.

"I'm a breast cancer survivor and because of that I also went through menopause early," she explains. "I felt like the chips were stacked against me and I was gaining weight."

Julie lost 20 lbs. with Nutrisystem, but joining up with Todd made the process easier, she says, and she's now lost an additional 10 lbs.

"30 lbs. down and I feel amazing!" she says.

Todd Chrisley
Todd and Julie Chrisley. Courtesy Nutrisystem

And Todd has dropped "every bit" of the 18 lbs. he gained after getting COVID-19.

"Back in fighting shape!" he says. "I'm even 2 lbs. lighter than my senior year in high school."

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In Todd's case, he had to learn to eat consistently to lose weight.

"In the past, I've been so busy that I just wouldn't eat, or would forget to eat," he says. What Nutrisystem has taught me is that in order to get my metabolism moving, I have to fuel my body."

For Julie, the issue was the content and size of her meals.

"I wasn't always great about my portion sizes," she admits. "I also wasn't focusing on getting in enough protein and fiber to keep me full longer. Nutrisystem has taught me HOW to eat — the right portions and the right nutritional balance for me as an individual."

Julie says she now feels better and is more confident in her body.

"I'm telling you, just this morning I put on one of my favorite shirts and it was too big! That's a great problem to have and it just feels really good to be able to wear the clothes I want," she says. "Not to mention I have much more energy."

Todd, meanwhile, is happy with the 18-lb. change, but his confidence never wavered.

"I've always looked fabulous!" he says.

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