Following the popularity of women striving for "thigh gaps" or "thighbrows" as an indicator of fitness, a new body trend is gaining momentum on social media

Following the “thigh gap” and “thighbrow“crazes comes the latest superficial body-conscious social media trend — and it’s ironically named after a brand of chocolate.

With summer on the way, some Instagram users are flaunting a “Toblerone Tunnel,” a name that indicates a triangular-shaped space where the top of a woman’s thighs meet her bikini bottoms. The triangle resembles the Swiss chocolate bar’s unique shape.

Woman in bikini
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Social media users are showing off their Toblerone Tunnels, citing celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Katie Wright as inspiration.

Toblerone Schokolade
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But the trend has plenty of detractors who point out the problematic and sometimes dangerous nature of these trendy “body goals.”

“Social media crazes like the Toblerone Tunnel tend to go viral pretty quickly and can have a damaging effect on young women’s body image and self-esteem,” the head of the Be Real Campaign for body confidence, Liam Preston, told Unilad. “We’ve seen it before with the thigh gap trend, which saw many young girls try to conform to a beauty standard that’s not only unobtainable for the majority of them, but also can encourage them to use unhealthy methods to achieve it.”

He added, “It’s important that we celebrate different bodies and shapes and not thrive to look the same by following the latest social media craze.”

Many Twitter users also poked fun at the movement, claiming the only Toblerone Tunnel they have was used for eating the treat.

“I always thought your toblerone tunnel was the one between between your nose and your chin,” wrote one critic.