Tina Arnold Worries That She 'Could Die' During Weight Loss Surgery on '1000-Lb. Best Friends'

Arnold's friends are pushing her to undergo surgery, but she’s not sure it's "worth the risk"

Tina Arnold is beyond ready to make a change and lose weight, but she's uneasy with her friends' suggestions that she try weight loss surgery.

Arnold, 41, is one of the four stars of 1000-Lb. Best Friends, and wants to try losing the weight on her own. But her friends Meghan Crumpler and Vannessa Cross are pushing the surgery.

As they go through an intense workout class, Crumpler — who underwent a "life-changing" weight loss surgery a few years ago — thinks Arnold could use the extra help.

"Seeing Tina struggling the way she's doing, I really think she may need more than just diet and exercise," Crumpler, 43, says during an interview in this exclusive clip from Monday's episode.

Speaking with Arnold directly, Crumpler tells her to "think about it this way, imagine, if you went to see [bariatric surgeon] Dr. Procter, how much weight you could lose."

"Imagine if I did that every week, how much weight I could lose," Arnold shoots back, referring to their workout class.

1000 lb best friends
Meghan Crumpler, Ashely Sutton, Vannessa Cross and Tina Arnold. TLC

Arnold explains that though she wants to lose weight, the idea of going under the knife doesn't sit well.

"I've been struggling with my weight my whole life. I suffer a lot with body pains, body aches. And I do want to be able to do more with my family," she says. "But I'm not a fan of the idea of surgery, because if there's a possibility that I could die on the table, it's not worth the risk."

Their friend Ashely Sutton, 36, is on Arnold's side, because after she "failed with the first surgery" she's "not really sure" if she can recommend it.

But Crumpler and Cross are urging Arnold to just go for an informational appointment.

"Listen to the doctor, see how he feels and says about the surgery," Cross says. "… You don't have to really do anything but just go."

"I mean, I appreciate the concern, but I can handle this without surgery," Arnold tells her.

1,000-Lb. Best Friends airs Mondays at 10pm ET/PT on TLC and discovery+.

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