Tim McGraw Proudly Shows Off His Ripped Physique: 'Best Shape of My Life'

Tim McGraw's upcoming health and fitness book, Grit & Grace, details his 10-year transformation

Tim McGraw is looking and feeling better than ever.

On Sunday, the country superstar, 52, shared a photo of himself at the gym and celebrated his continued fitness success, which he refers to as “the best shape of my life.”

“My whole life, I’ve lived according to one key value,” McGraw began. “I guess I’ve done so from an early age, when I wanted so fiercely to get beyond my circumstances. That value is, Be ready. Be primed for opportunity when it shows up, because it will come once, it will move on quick, and if you’re not ready to make the shot, your whole destiny can change in a heartbeat.”

The father of three added, “Miss that moment, and you’ll live the rest of your life wondering just how much of your potential never played out. That’s when I decided to go from being in good shape to being in the best shape of my life.”

In March, McGraw spoke to PEOPLE about his new health and lifestyle book that will be released on Nov. 5, Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life, where he shares his transformation story.

“I’ve gone through a physical transformation in the last 10 years, but it’s not just my appearance that has changed,” he said. “My mind is clearer, my sense of purpose is sharper, and my relationships are deeper. Consistent physical exercise helps me bring focus to my life and to the people who mean the most to me.”

McGraw continued: “That’s something we all want. And I believe it’s something that is available to anyone who wants it, regardless of their level of fitness. I want this book to help people find what works for them by sharing the mental and physical approach that has worked for me.”

Tim McGraw

Grit & Grace will delve into McGraw’s personal health journey. It will also share his exercise tips and mental approach so readers can improve their own wellbeing. Rather than following a set routine, McGraw explained that each person needs to create a personal vision and commit to it, which he did for himself 10 years ago.

McGraw used to drink before every show to alleviate his nerves. That all changed in 2008, when he decided to cut alcohol out of his life entirely after friends voiced their concern. Instead of drinking, McGraw began to workout twice a day, he told PEOPLE in 2013.

“That’s where my workout program came into play,” he said. “It took the place of alcohol and it is really important.”

Within two years, McGraw had unintentionally lost 40 lbs.

“It wasn’t like I was trying to lose 40 pounds, I was just wanting to get healthy,” he said. “For me, it is more about feeling good and being where I want to be physically and on stage. When I am on stage in 98 degrees out there, you want to feel good. And my show isn’t stand out there and not move around.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

McGraw has credited his health transformation to his wife and fellow country star, Faith Hill, 52, and their three daughters: Gracie, 22, Maggie, 21, and Audrey, 17.

“I just want to be around. I want to be around for my kids, I want to be around to see their kids, I want to be around to watch them grow up and do things,” McGraw told PEOPLE in 2015. “And I feel like the best years I have are ahead of me. I want to be ready for them. I want to be ready for whatever life comes at me later on down the road.”

Grit & Grace will be published on Nov. 5.

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