TikToker Mikayla Nogueira Working to 'Accept' Her Body After Gaining 60 Lbs.: 'It Was Really Scary'

The beauty influencer warned that she may get emotional as she talked about her weight "because I struggle with an eating disorder"

TikToker Mikayla Nogueira has a "new body" that she she's working to accept — and now she has a new wardrobe to go along with it.

The 23-year-old beauty influencer typically shares the latest and greatest beauty products and how to use them, but in recent weeks she's gotten personal, and opened up about gaining 60 lbs. in the last year.

"Over time in this career I have become increasingly uncomfortable in my own skin," Nogueira shared on April 4. "I may come off as a confident person, but I am incredibly insecure, and I have a crippling self-esteem. 2021, I gained over 60 lbs. And as someone with an eating disorder that's really difficult, and I'm having a really hard time accepting my new body."

Nogueira said that she's "been battling" an eating disorder for nearly seven years, "and I do not see an end in sight," she said, crying. "And that is so f---ing terrifying."

One of the hardest things, she said, has been looking at her clothes and how they've become a reflection of her loss of confidence.

"I looked at my closet the other day and there's no more colorful clothes because I'm really scared to show my body, so I just wear neutrals," she said. "And I used to be such a colorful person."

Nogueira decided to sort out her old clothes in sizes small and medium that do not fit her anymore, donate the clothes to charity and buy a new wardrobe that she can happily wear. And on Monday, she did her first try-on haul of her new, colorful clothes.

"At first it was really difficult to accept I had a new body," she said at the start of the TikTok. "I'm 4'11, 200 lbs., and at first it was really scary to me, but I'm going to learn to love my body the way that it is, and that starts with a brand-new f---ing wardrobe, because none of my clothes fit me."

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"I got rid of my entire wardrobe and here's my brand new one, I'm going to try on everything for you guys to show you what I look like as a size 14, and to show you that you can wear whatever the f--- you want whether you're a size 2 or a size 20, it doesn't matter."

As she prepared to try on the clothes, Nogueira warned that she may get "emotional."

"If I cry, if I get emotional, it's because I struggle with an eating disorder, so I'm really working to overcome it and this is really difficult for me, but I want to take you guys with me because you guys support me so much and I love you to death," she said.

The warning wasn't necessary though — Nogueira loved just about everything she tried on, even if they highlighted her less-loved areas.

"My biggest insecurity is my freakin' arms, they are large and in charge, but I cannot let that stop me from wearing really cute clothes like this," she said.

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