This Is How Gwyneth Paltrow Says Her Body Has Changed Since Turning 40

The actress and Goop founder reveals how her body reacts differently to food now that she's older, as well as how she fights fatigue

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Even radiant lifestyle gurus get worn down.

“I thought, ‘I eat well, I sleep, I exercise— so why am I always so tired? I don’t get it,’ ” Gwyneth Paltrow, 44, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

And while the actress says she still exercises daily, she has definitely noticed changes in how her body reacts to food.

“It’s really incredible. People warn you that it’s going to happen,” she says of her metabolism slowing down past age 40. “I was always like, sure I’ll eat a cheeseburger and fries and it just won’t stick. And then after 40 that completely changed.”

For years Paltrow heard similar complaints from the women in her life — colleagues, friends and Goop readers — so she set out to combat those concerns. This month, she launched Goop Wellness, a collection of four different vitamin packs developed with Paltrow-vetted physicians. Paltrow herself is currently taking what she calls the “Why am I so Effing Tired” pack — created with her functional medicine doc, Dr. Alejandro Junger — to fight exhaustion. In addition to supplementing with the vitamins, of course, she tries to stay in tune with how food makes her feel.

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“I think as I’ve gotten older and hopefully wiser I’ve tried to focus on doing little things throughout my week to bolster my strength and energy,” she says. “I’m trying not to cave into sugar cravings and lots of white carbs all the time, because that’s my kind of go-to; if I get tired in the afternoon I want pretzels, or I want Swiss cheese on a cracker or a baguette. I really love white carbs, which is not great for optimizing your health and your energy.”

Another splurge she’s managed to rein in? “I’ve had to become more mindful about just in general when I’m having fried food just knowing that, ‘Ok, that may stick in a way that it didn’t used to 20 years ago,'” she says, adding, “By the way, I’ll never give up fried foods.”

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