From Breasts in a Woman's Armpits to Abs Made of Fat: The 'Botched' Doctors Are Back for Season 7

“It’s not very often we see things that we’ve never seen,” says Dr. Terry Dubrow, but he and Dr. Paul Nassif will again tackle unexpected plastic surgeries in the new season

Every year the bungled plastic surgeries on Botched get wilder — and season seven of the show will be no different.

When the E! show returns on May 18, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif will be challenged to try and fix more baffling plastic surgeries and health conditions, from a woman with an extra pair of breasts in her armpits that start lactating when she breastfeeds to a man who had the fat in his stomach shaped into abs — or what he calls "fabs."

"It's not very often we see things that we've never seen," Dubrow tells one woman in this exclusive clip, before the pair are thrown by another odd surgery.

"I don't know what I'm looking at," Nassif tells another woman.

The doctors will also try to help a man who believes his nose was damaged in the womb by his mother's IUD, causing breathing problems; a woman with a massive growth beneath her right eye and a man who wants his already-inflated lips to be doubled in size.

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Dubrow and Nassif previously told PEOPLE that they've seen more patients coming in requesting help for procedures they invented themselves.

"Because of the internet you can get access to things you could only dream of before, whether it's injecting yourself at home with botox from a foreign country, or silicone, or illegal fillers, or homeopathic treatments," Dubrow said in 2018. "It's really the era of don't try this at home, but we're seeing an explosion of people doing just that."

"They're looking at Google and trying to do things, it's crazy," Nassif agreed.

Botched premieres May 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!

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