Jen Widerstrom posted an unflattering selfie on Instagram to prove a point

Credit: Instagram

The Biggest Loser‘s Jen Widerstrom has an insanely ripped stomach – as frequently evidenced on her Instagram page – but the trainer decided to share a not-so-flattering photo on social media to show that everyone has bad angles.

On Sunday, Widerstrom, 34, posted side-by-side photos on Instagram wearing a two-piece belly-baring maroon workout outfit.

On the left, Widerstrom is sitting down and takes a photo from below, making it appear that her stomach is bulging out over her pants. On the right, Widerstrom is standing and showing her usual toned tummy.

“We all look like this when we sit,” she posted. “Don’t stress about the way your body looks in certain positions. These photos were taken 2 minutes apart!”

“I was recently doing a photo shoot and feeling great about the day, yet I looked down and saw my stomach and immediately got insecure,” Widerstrom tells PEOPLE of the inspiration behind her photo. “I started to get in my head and really down on myself for my body. Even glammed up and in amazing clothes, I experience these thoughts – it’s normal!”

“As quickly as I started to spiral down, I redirected my thoughts and took a few quiet moments to get myself back to reality,” she continues. “I stood up to take a new picture. I put a stop to my unreasonable remarks by showing myself the truth and reminding myself what a healthy, full-bodied woman I am, and how that’s beautiful.”

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The post has 18.4 thousand likes, and hundreds of comments.

“I had to post this because I need people to feel less alone,” says Widerstrom. “I experience the same insecurities and negative headspace that everybody else does. I feel the reaction has been so large because it perhaps has given others permission to accept their bodies, and not label them in certain ways just because they’re sitting in certain positions. I may be in the public eye, but we’re all the same.”