Teyana Taylor Says Stress Makes Her Lose Weight: 'I've Always Had Issues Gaining Weight'

Teyana Taylor spoke candidly about her insecurities in an interview with SELF magazine

Photo: Robbie Fimmano

Teyana Taylor says she struggles with her weight just like anyone else.

“It’s crazy because everybody says, ‘OMG I want your body, how do you stay so small?’ ” Taylor said in a recent interview with SELF.

The dancer told the magazine that stress makes her lose weight. “Like, the same ways people try to lose weight, there are people trying to gain weight. My whole life, I’ve always had issues gaining weight.”


Teyana Taylor

Taylor, 26, garnered national attention over the summer when she — and her killer body — took center stage in Kanye West‘s music video for “Fade” at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

She has since let eager fans in on the secret to her envy-inducing body — “Dancing is my workout” — and has even launched a fitness website called Fade 2 Fit.

However, with the praise came the ridicule. And Taylor said she’s tried of body shamers trying to “bring [her] down.”


Teyana Taylor

“We all have the same insecurities,” Taylor continued. “Whether it’s losing weight or gaining weight — we all feel like, ‘Oh my eyebrows look crazy today!’ or, ‘My hair is thinning!’ or whatever it is.”

Taylor noted that her feelings about her body changed after giving birth to her daughter Junie in December 2015.

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“My favorite part [of my body] used to be my breasts, but now my breasts belong to Junie,” Taylor said. “She probably sucked out every ounce of milk … so now I just deal with little mommy insecurities.”

She added: “Whenever I look super busty, ladies, that ain’t nothing but a little double-sided tape [and a] push-up bra. We all have flaws … you gotta embrace it.”

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