Tess Holliday Responds to Critic 'Grossed Out' by Her, Says 'Weight Fluctuates' but She 'Maintains Joy'

The model and body activist shared a TikTok video explaining the importance of happiness within

Tess Holliday
Tess Holliday. Photo: Sarah Morris/Getty

Tess Holliday is shutting down critics with her happiness.

On Thursday, the 36-year-old model and body activist posted a TikTok video addressing a person who commented that following Holliday made them "grossed out" enough to lose over 150 lbs.

"You are seeking out content of larger-bodied individuals as a way to make yourself feel better, which is kind of a weird thing in general, especially when I can guarantee a lot of the larger-bodied individuals you're following have happy, full lives not despite them being fat, but they just are," Holliday responded.

The mom of two added that she's glad she's always been vocal about "fat liberation and body positivity" on social media.

"I'm used to people using me as their 'before' pictures and inspo but the reality is that I've gotten fatter over the years, my weight's fluctuated, but the one thing that I have maintained through all of this is my joy," Holliday continued. "I'm fatter right now than I've been in awhile, but I'm also happier."

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The model said she's received numerous comments recently that her joy is "radiating" and that's how people see her now.

"They see the joy. Yeah some people are going to see the fat and not pay attention to the joy, but if you're putting out into the world that you're grossed out, then more than likely that's how you're going to be perceived," Holliday said in the clip.

"Glad you can use us fat folks as inspiration for you not being fat but I would really check the inside on your journey to thinness because I can guarantee that's not going to bring you the happiness that you're looking for."

Holliday captioned her video that "happiness is from within baby."

Tess Holliday
Tess Holliday. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Earlier this year, Holliday said she's working on repairing her relationship with her body after she was diagnosed with anorexia, but lately, she's been "really struggling."

"I'm gonna be honest, I've been really struggling with body image in a way I've never experienced," she shared in April with her followers on Instagram. "It's been almost debilitating because even though y'all see me out having fun, it sometimes takes so much work and energy just to be able to leave the house."

Holliday posted a carousel of pictures from an Easter weekend trip along the California coast with her family, and said that these were the first photos she's actually wanted to share.

"I'm the kind of gal that always wants my photo taken, until lately… and these are some of the first photos I've taken in a while where I saw myself in them and was kind," she said. "(I'm working on it.)"

"Soaking up this family time & feeling grateful, even when it's tough 💕✨," Holliday added.

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