Tess Holliday Shares an (Almost) Nude Pregnancy Photo and Says She Shouldn't Have to Prove She's Healthy: See the Pic!

The model wants people to know that "plus size" is still healthy

Photo: Anthony Evans

Curvy is still healthy!

That’s Tess Holliday‘s message to everyone who thinks that, at size 22, she’s harming her health, and now, at almost nine months pregnant, her baby’s health.

Holliday shared a shot from a nude photoshoot she did for the Telegraph last month, when she was seven months pregnant.

“Just because we’re plus size, doesn’t mean we have to prove that we’re healthy, just as someone who is smaller than us or average size doesn t have to prove they are healthy,” Holliday says in the caption. “We should be able to exist in our bodies. I am technically healthy but my body is no more valid than someone s who isn’t.”

Holliday is used to battling her trolls on social media, but they’ve been out in full force since the model announced her pregnancy to PEOPLE in January, accusing her of harming her baby.

“As I enter my 8th month, my body overall looks the same other than my belly & I’m okay with that. What I’ve had to be learn to be okay with (WHICH IS NOT COOL) is the fact that people still think it’s okay to comment on my body: ‘you don’t look pregnant’, ‘you must be have quadruplets’, ‘you are putting your baby at risk’ & a slew of other uneducated statements that are very far from my reality,” she wrote on Instagram in April.

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But Holliday knows that her pregnancy is healthy, and it’s unfair to judge hers or others’ based on what people see on social media.

“I’m part of a small minority that’s telling you it’s okay to not have a perfect baby bump, or not show at all, to be plus size & have a healthy child, & most importantly to find a care provider that doesn’t shame you about your size,” she says. “It’s also okay to tell someone to f— off when they give you unsolicited advice about what’s ‘best’ for you & your baby.”

“As women, we know what’s best & that’s our business. No one else’s.”

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