Model Tess Holliday stood up for women's rights and breastfeeding rights when she nursed her son at the Los Angeles Women's March

Credit: Jessica Louise Imagery

Tess Holliday is fighting for equal rights for women — and her right to breastfeed in public.

The model joined the Women’s March in Los Angeles on Saturday, and proudly breastfed her 7-month-old son Bowie amongst the crowd.

“Breastfeed anywhere,” Holliday captioned a photo of the moment, posted on Instagram.

But commenters disagreed with her decision to bring Bowie along at all, let alone breastfeed him, and called Holliday a “irresponsible mother.”

“Those saying that I should ‘cover up’: You mean when I’m breastfeeding MY baby who was a) hungry & b) screaming because he was overly tired & the crowd overloaded his senses & it was the only way to comfort him?! I will feed my child anywhere I want. Also CA state law protects me to do so. Keep your uneducated opinions off my body,” Holliday says.

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Her photographer friend Jessica Louise, who shot the photo of Holliday, Bowie and Holliday’s fiancé, Nick, said watching the moment was empowering.

“Bowie was so overwhelmed with he energy of the crowd and amount of people. As soon as he was fed he calmed right down and was happy the rest of the March,” Louise writes on Instagram. “I love so much about my friend Tess, her normalizing breast feeding where ever and when ever her child is hungry is just another thing that makes me love her.”