Tess Holliday Says the Body Shaming Backlash Over the Past Month Has 'Tested My Mental Health'

Model Tess Holliday said that the body shaming she's experienced in September has "tested my mental health"

Photo: Catherine Servel

Tess Holliday has nearly made it through a month that has left her “exhausted” from dealing with body shaming comments from all over the world.

The model, 33, was harassed and criticized on social media after she landed the September cover of Cosmopolitan U.K. and accused of glamorizing obesity by U.K. tabloid columnist Piers Morgan.

But the mom of two said Wednesday that she’s “still standing” through it all.

“This month tested my mental health, but here I am, still standing, still grateful, still happy, still a fat covergirl… but I’m also f—— exhausted,” she wrote on Instagram.

Holliday shared this post with a nude photo from her photo shoot with SELF magazine.

“I know this photo will piss people off, it will be shared worldwide while being mocked and judged, saying how I’m ‘negatively affecting’ impressionable young minds, and I’m prepared for that,” she said.

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Holliday said before she would have been bothered by those kinds of comments but now she is in a better state of mind.

“My body has always felt like a war zone, but I’ve made peace with that. It’s your minds that need to change,” she said.

Holliday said in the Cosmopolitan cover story that she used to struggle with her body when she was a smaller size.

“I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life now and it took me being the heaviest to finally love myself,” she said. “I was a US size 16 to 18 my entire life before I had Rylee [her first son, who she had at age 20]. I look back on those photos now and I don’t wish I was that size, but what I wish is that I loved myself 120 pounds ago.”

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