Tess Holliday Tells Busy Philipps She Wants the World to Know 'Fat Folks Have Bomb Sex'

Tess Holliday is letting the world in on a little secret about plus-sized people

Tess Holliday keeps on keepin’ it real.

The 33-year-old model and Instagram star told Busy Philipps, 39, on her new talk show Busy Tonight that she often shares risqué photos because she wants everyone to know “fat folks have bomb sex! We need sexy lingerie, we need options. I wanna be sexy whether I’m having sex or not, or if it’s just for me in my home or I want to go out and show it. The world just wants to cover up marginalized bodies and I’m not here for it.”

Holliday continued, “That’s why I use my social media to basically tell people to stop hiding, stop listening to society. They want to keep you down because that’s how they keep … selling you like, diet crap … Just be yourself and own it.”

The body activist then revealed that, despite her confidence in the message she’s sending fans, she still feels affected by online trolls.

“I have days where I like — I mean I won’t cry all day because I do not have time for that … I’m too busy to cry all the time so I’ll just like blast like Robyn … find a song that like makes me feel good and I just get over it, and I just have to remind myself who the f—k I am. But it does get to me and I just try to do something nice for myself that day, and remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.”

Earlier in the interview, Holliday also shared what it’s like to go bra shopping — the theme of the day’s episode — as a bustier woman.

“Bra shopping is super frustrating,” she began. “My stylist yanks me into my bras and I feel like my shoulder is going to get pulled off and it’s annoying … A lot of plus-size women have a hard time finding bras, and one of the no. 1 things my fans ask me is ‘Where do you get your bras from?’ And I’m like, ‘Cool, these three places.’ ”

The mom of two has been an anti-fat-shaming advocate for years and regularly speaks about sexuality and other controversial topics online. She recently addressed Victoria’s Secret after its chief marketing officer said the company doesn’t use trans or curvy models in its annual runway show because doing so would undermine the “fantasy.”

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“Who needs VS anyway?! They never supported plus ladies and now they are trying to dis my trans sisters? Hell nah. Kiss my fat ass,” she posted on Instagram, along with a photo of herself in ASOS lingerie.

Holliday is one of several influential people in the fashion industry to call out Victoria’s Secret, including Rihanna and transgender model Carmen Carrera. Holliday talked to Vogue on Monday about the lack of representation.

“I never watched the VS fashion show growing up because I knew at a very young age that I couldn’t shop there or wear anything so I didn’t put myself through it because I didn’t want to make myself feel bad,” Holliday said. “I can imagine for a lot of people growing up they feel bad when they only see one certain body type … Diversity is important in the industry because there’s not just one kind of body type. Change only happens when there’s more representation in the industry.”

The model said that if Victoria’s Secret continues to show that they have no interest in curvy women, it’s best to ignore them and support more inclusive brands.

“As much as I want VS, who’s the biggest lingerie retailer, to embrace plus size and more diverse body types, it’s also important to give your time, focus, and money to brands who are actually doing what you want to see,” she said. “It’s important to be vocal about the brands you do like and what they’re doing right because that’s who should get our money because they actually care about marginalized groups. Always support progressive brands.”

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