Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews talks through his daily schedule, which includes intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day

How does Terry Crews get those insane muscles? Plenty of time in the gym, and by going without food for 16 hours a day (including the hours he’s sleeping.)

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, who also has a role in Deadpool 2, out Friday, gave a very detailed breakdown of his daily routine for Vanity Fair. And though he starts his day at the very early hour of 4:45 a.m., Crews doesn’t eat any food before he gets to the gym to stick to his intermittent fasting schedule.

“Since I don’t eat until 2 p.m., I have a shaker cup with amino acids and water,” Crews, 49, explained. “This gets filled probably four to five times a day, and it’s pretty much a gallon by the time [the day] gets done.”

Along with his amino acids, the former pro-football player downs his first set of vitamins.

“I have a very, very complex vitamin routine,” he said. “I also set out all my other vitamins for the rest of the day. I have vitamins three times a day.”

By 6 a.m., Crews hits the gym for his intensive workouts.

“I do a 5-minute warmup, and then I put on an audiobook that I’m going to listen to the whole time I’m working out,” he explained. “It can be about fitness, it can be about health, it can be about acting, it can be about whatever. And then I go do my first exercise, and that depends on what day it is.”

Terry Crews
| Credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

“Monday is legs, Tuesday is chest and arms, Wednesday is stretch, and abs, and run, Thursday is my back, Friday is usually about shoulders and plyometric exercises. I usually do four sets with ten descending repetitions, so it’ll go 10, 8, 6, 4, and I usually try to go as heavy as I can. But then every workout, every day, ends with a 4-mile run.”

Post-workout, Crews gets to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine set for a shower and his beauty routine, which includes lots of body oil.

“I put Neutrogena oil all over my body because I don’t want stretch marks,” he said. “I’ve always seen big lifting guys get stretch marks, but I get oiled all the way up, I look like a nice, slick machine, it’s kind of wild.”

Finally, by 2 p.m., Crews is ready for his first meal of the day during the eight-hour window that he eats.

“I usually have a go-to lunch, which is an omelet with bacon and a salad, and I always have that in my fridge. And then I wash that down with a protein shake,” he said. “By that time I’ve had my second vitamins, and I’m ready to continue the second half of my day.”

He gets in dinner with his family around 6 p.m., and makes sure to have dessert.

“There’s always a sweet somewhere,” Crews said. “I’ll usually have a pie, or a cake, or something sweet, maybe a pudding, or a little Pinkberry.”

After putting the youngest of his five kids to bed, Crews and his wife, Rebecca King, fire up the DVR and watch some of his shows or movies. “It’s a little narcissistic,” he admitted, but, “this is a dream, I’m living the dream, and I’m going to watch the dream!”

And by 9:30 p.m., he’s in bed — sans pajamas.