Doctor Defends Three 'Teen Mom' Stars Who Had Plastic Surgery Together: 'It's Not About Age, It's About What Your Body Has Been Through'

Dr. Michael Salzhauer (aka Dr. Miami), posted the surgeries on Snapchat

Photo: Source: Briana DeJesus/Facebook

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Teen Mom 3 stars and sisters Brittany DeJesus and Briana DeJesus all underwent plastic surgery operations in Miami on Sunday, and all three women are doing well.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami performed the procedures on Lowry, 23, Brittany, 21, and Briana, 24, and spoke to PEOPLE exclusively about the operations as well as the controversy surrounding these procedures.

“Kailyn had a Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck. Briana had the Brazilian butt lift, labiaplasty and breast implant exchange – she had implants and she wasn’t happy with them so she went a bit bigger. And Brittany had a Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer to the breasts, she didn’t want implants, she wanted a more natural augmentation.” Salzhauer says.

The doctor, who has also worked with Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham as well as PEOPLE blogger and “Half Their Size” subject, Kaitlyn Smith, routinely posts his surgeries on Snapchat. He says he was first approached by Brittany and decided to operate on the three girls together after Kailyn reached out as well.

“All three girls had different issues with their bodies that they’d been dealing with, and really there is no way to improve what they wanted to improve through the gym,” he explains.

Salzhauer disagrees with those who would criticize the idea of plastic surgery at a young age. “People look at women in their early 20s having plastic surgery and they say, ‘Oh they’re too young for that,’ but really that’s not true, it’s not about age. It’s about what has your body been through and what can we do to improve it.”

“If you have kids when you’re a late teen and you’re done having kids, at least for a while – you pretty much missed your whole teenage years,” he says.

Saulzhauer says Lowry wanted to complete her surgeries while her husband was deployed overseas.

“She wanted to look great for him when he returns, it’s sweet,” he says.

While Brittany and Briana told the surgeon they’d be appearing on the VH1 show, Family Therapy, and would be in the public eye more, he says that wasn’t the impetus for their surgeries, “They’ve always wanted to do this since they had kids, it’s something they’ve had in mind.”

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